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Carpet, floor mats, and assorted goodies!

Throwback Thursday

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A new thing I’m doing. Don’t worry, I haven’t given up on Roadie!

To be Continued

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Hey! After much work and consternation, I finally got around to ordering parts! Most of them are interior ones, so that my little one won’t look so drab. I figure a mixture of the old blue with some upgraded black would look nice.

After being frozen and missing huge chunks of work due to snow, its nice to finally be back on the right track. During this time I found a new company,! So far they’ve been pretty awesome and I even ordered new headlights for my kids 01 convertible through them. Fast, friendly and helpful…what’s not to like?

Sexy Cougar

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     Me, flying down the highway in Manda, with “lose control” by Evanescence playing…

  We just met and already she wants me inside her :-)

Helpful tip

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When it comes to removing door cover retaining pins, a carpet bar works just as well as one of those fancy restoration tools that usually sell for $19!

Inside Job

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  It took some doing, but I started taking the interior of the car apart this week. Thanks to the idiots in Washington, I have plenty of time. I don’t think it sets a good precedent for our President to be negotiating with terrorists who are holding our economy hostage; end of sermon.

All supplies I need for now...

All supplies I need for now…

After a quick stop at Pepboys, I have to say something. In the past, going to this particular chain has been the WORST experience in retailing. They were slow lazy and often it took upwards of 20 minutes to buy an air freshener! Now however, it seems almost pleasant and friendly, with no rudeness and helpful employees. I got what I needed and headed on home. The first thing I did was drain the coolant, change the hoses, change the oil and filter and add some brake fluid. Fun times.

Finally with all that out of the way (and the yard mowed), It was interior time!

Yeah, that's nasty!

Yeah, that’s nasty!

 The passenger door is stuck and the window is broken so I have to get the door unlocked.

rear seat, delete!

rear seat, delete!

rear package tray, full of holes

rear package tray, full of holes

My build sheet!

My build sheet!


Once I got the passenger seat out, I realized that the shop vac  was going to be a necessity. So I got to it.

before the vacuum did its work

before the vacuum did its work




So there you have it. I still have to take off the door panels, but luckily those idiots are still fighting. headliner and whatnot are next!

Yeah, SOO glad I own this damn thing!

Yeah, SOO glad I own this damn thing!


Baby steps

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Last weekend I finally got my life enough in order to seriously start focusing on the stang. Of course I began by checking everything out slowly and ended up buying a new battery.



  After checking the lights and whatnot, I bumped the key and the starter kicked right over! Yay! Next weekend I plan on replacing all of the fluids and check the hoses and lines. When my son was home we checked the plugs; now I’m probably going to give it a compression test. Plus the passenger door is locked and jammed so I’m going to have to open it. Stay tuned, I’ll take lots of pictures!


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